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What if you could minimize your administrivia to focus on delivering a beautiful resume, LinkedIn profile, and other services... improving client results, earning more referrals, and increasing your revenue?

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Results, Referrals, Revenue ...

From the moment you engage a prospect, you have an opportunity to WOW them, win their business, and create an advocate for your services. Instead, many writers spend time recreating emails, tracking invoices, and dealing with pushback.

Join us for 3 focused days to analyze your process, identify bottlenecks, and create systems that build credibility, improve results, and free up your time to better serve clients, do more marketing, or [gasp] have a day off!

You'll walk away with "5 Hacks for Resume Writer Productivity," a sample process and  questionnaire, email templates, and more.

Presented by Resume Writing Academy & WriteSea

Brandon Mitchell

Founder & CEO at WriteSea and Brand Resumes. Advocate for resume writers using automation to expand their businesses. Former PwC. Long Islander.

Marie Zimenoff

CEO of Career Thought Leaders and Resume Writing Academy. Avid learner and futurist focused on the future of work. Former 3-point shooter.

During this 3-day event you will...


Use our sample pre- and post-sale processes list to fill gaps and identify your bottlenecks.

Tuesday, Sept 7, 12 pm ET / 9 am PT


Solve your top bottlenecks with ideas for automation and ready-to-use tools.

Wednesday, Sept 8, 12 pm ET / 9 am PT


Create a plan for turning each client into your biggest cheerleader and referral partner.

Thursday, Sept 9, 12 pm ET / 9 am PT

Streamline Process, Increase Profits

Join us for 3 days of focused action! The events start Tuesday at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT (sessions each day are 30 minutes + a worksheet and action assignment) in the exclusive Facebook group. Watch live or on your schedule, engage in the discussion, take control of your time, and grow your business!

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